Taurasi DOCG 2014, Antico Castello

Taurasi DOCG 2014, Antico Castello

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The winery:

Taurasi is one of the most important DOCG appelations for the sourthern part of Italy. It’s situated in the volcanic region of Campania and is grown entirely to the Aglianico grape variety and has often been called the “Barolo of the South”.  The winery "Antico Castello" - the old castle - was built on a site that was completely destroyed with the earthquake of 1980, as a tribute to an old fortress that once was. This family winery was started in 2006 by Franco and Fiorenza and today their children are leading operations more and more.


The wine:

A complex and aristocratic nose with notes of balsamic, coffee & oriental spices. A wine of an incredible depth and longevity - do yourself a favor and keep at least one bottle and open it when it's a lot lot older!

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    Regular bottle (750 ml)

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